Personal Philosophy

Food is more than just fuel.

Food is more than calories and grams of fat, protein or sugars to be counted.

Food is more than the nutrients we receive and the results of putting those nutrients into our bodies

Eating involves having a relationship with food.

We have relationships with people. We often have those relationships while eating and cooking. If we can slow down enough, we can transform eating from necessity to enjoyment and a conscious part of our day. We can redefine how we approach our diets and ultimately,  our lifestyles.

We want our relationships to be healthy; including food relationships.

Just as we want healthy, balanced relationships with people, we want the same with the food we eat. We want to balance the “fights” (aka. yolo meals and ‘bad food days’) with all the more happy memories in-between (aka. the lifestyle of adopting and keeping healthy eating habits).

So, while food is fuel, it is much more than that.

Food is sustenance.

It is what keeps us going for long periods of time; it is often how we connect to other people and cultures; it is the foundation of most other decisions in our lives; and therefore we must treat it like a long-term relationship.


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