Lauren’s Nanny Diaries: Part 1

Finding it odd that the title of this post is about nannying and not something food related? Maybe you aren’t. Maybe it is totally in-character for me to be a nanny! If so, awesome, because that is what I am currently doing most of my days; playing with, reading to, and feeding kiddos. But let me back track a little, I didn’t just jump into the nanny life one day.

More like the nanny life pulled me in! Back in August I moved to the Seattle metro area to be close to the graduate school(s) I planned to attend. While I was hoping to be going to school this fall, Life had other plans for me. I began to nanny full-time a few weeks ago and so far it is a life that I think I enjoy way too much!



Yeah, some days the kids have 10 times more energy than I do and I have to find some way to level with them. Other days, children are grumpy and siblings argue. But most days I get to work play with sweet, fun-loving children. And the children are definitely the boss’ in my line of work – if they don’t like me it doesn’t matter if the parents find me to be great.

With that in mind I started this job with some nerves about whether the children would like me and since then I have learned a few things. First off, children just want your attention. Some children want your attention more than others. But if you are able and are willing to give undivided and engaged attention to the children, they will likely love you. If you act like a complete fool with them – racing them, having dance parties, making  silly noises, and talk in dramatic voices while reading – they will also love you. But most of all, children like to be heard.

One of my families is going through something pretty tough at the moment. One of the children in the family said to me the other day that they sometimes do not feel like they have someone to talk to. Of course this isn’t because they aren’t cared for – the family loves all their children unimaginably and I see that every day! – but because life can be so busy. While I only get a couple hours with this child 5 days a week, it reminds me just how important that undivided and engaged attention is for the kids. Children needs an outlet for someone to not only be creative with but also to feel safe talking about things that may be heavy on their heart and mind.

And these are things that are heavy on my heart and mind too. As a nanny I have become attached to these kids. I will spend off-the-clock time looking for toys, music, and coloring pages for “my” kiddos. I ask for favors from friends because I know it will bring a little joy to the children. I pray for them and future of the world we live in and they are growing up in.

Baby Yogini

So yeah, I definitely cannot say I actively sought out this work as much as it found me. I definitely did my part to get the jobs I have but I truly did a very small part of it. I am here because this is where I am supposed to be and I am very happy with that! My kiddos make the days fun and usually quite…interesting.

I do believe that I write these posts more for my own outlet than to keep the interest of others, but in case I am writing for your interest and you are only interested in hearing about food and nutrition, don’t worry, I will be writing more about that! It just happens that this is also a huge part of my life right now so I will be sharing the adventures of my nanny life along the way.



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