My Path is Perfect

“It’s normal to worry about the future, but probably the best antidote is to learn to shift your focus to what’s right in front of you, right now.

Are you doing some work? Focus on the physical act of doing that. Are you eating? What are the physical sensations of the food like. Are you riding a train? How does your butt feel on the seat, your feet feel on the ground? What are the sounds like? What can you see around you?

This might seem like trite advice, but what happens is that you learn to turn from your anxiety about the future to noticing what’s around you in the present moment. And you realize that while the unknown future might seem scary, the present moment is just fine.

You’ll find, from one moment to the next, that each moment is fine. You’ll start to develop a trust in the present moment. And that’s the antidote to fears about the future: learning to trust that you’ll be OK, because as each moment passes, you keep being OK.”


I, Lauren , am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

-affirmation #18 from a friend’s yoga teaching manual


These are just a few reminders I have had recently that I am going along the path that I was intended to be traveling on. Each choice I make is not made out of context of all the previous choices I made, nor without repercussion and having an affect on my future choices.

We can spend so much of our time worrying and stressing about whether we are making the “right” decision. Saying the “what if’s” and trying to predetermine how everything will work out.

But truly, none of that is up to us. We could make the smartest, most logical, sound decision, and it can end up with an infinite number of results. We can also make the most reckless decisions with an infinite number of results. This post is not to say that it doesn’t matter what decisions we make and to “throw caution to the wind”, but to recognize that I only have so much control over each situation. And to be okay with that. To even embrace it.


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