Eating REAL Food

So I have been pretty disappointed in myself lately.

I have been working 40 hour weeks, going to school part-time, and even getting regular exercise into my routine! So why am I disappointed? Because with everything I have going on I am only getting to actually cook a few times a week!

Gnocchi with Alfredo sauce, beets, spinach, and brussels sprouts. (I am so obsessed with brussels sprouts and beets right now!!)

Cooking for only one person is pretty difficult! If I go to the market to get fresh produce I either have to be very mindful to pack my lunches or I have to process all the produce on the weekend into a soup, lasagna, or some other freezable, eat-later dish. Currently I have a lot of (delicious) Carrot Curry Soup and Butternut Squash Lasagna sitting in my freezer. Unfortunately too much produce also goes into the compost bin because I neglect to eat it soon enough!

So you might be wondering, what am I eating if I am not cooking? Well, when I say that I only cook a few times a week, I mean at home. I cook at my job for a class or other activity usually 2 or 3 days a week. Plus, there is almost always leftover food from classes sitting in the refrigerator needing to be ate. So, where I waste at home I make up for it my making sure the leftovers at work don’t go to waste? Right? Right…?

I also eat a lot of snacks. I often times find myself not even that hungry for a meal but simply what a piece of fruit and some nuts and I am good to go.

I know how bad this is for me. What my body truly needs though is to slow down. Even when I was a full-time student I made sure I had time to sit down and eat a meal. Now, it is so easy to sit behind my computer screen (like I am right now!) to eat a bowl of food while I read emails or do research.

So, my goal as we move into a busy time of the year with the holidays and wrapping up our classes and other activities is to try and slow down my daily pace enough to get away from my computer as I eat or to actually take a few minutes to create a meal, even if it is very minimal.


When we do not take the time to do this we often times find ourselves getting away from whole foods (foods that are found in their whole form, minimally processed), and tend to eat foods that are quick and convenient – granola bars, microwaveable foods, cereal instead of oatmeal. While these choices are okay every now and again we should try to avoid making them habits. Plus, our digestive system will be happy to have a regular schedule for eating and we are less likely to overeat if we are not distracted while eating!!

Like most things that are good for us, it is easier said that done! But I am going to give it a try!


10_29_2015 1_10_17 PM
My super cute office pals on Halloween! I love my coworkers at the Clark County Food Bank!

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