Moving On Out

The day has finally come that I have waited all summer for: moving to Washington!! Today my friend Izzy and I hit the road for north west Texas and will be spending the next four days driving our way through the Western states to get to Vancouver, WA. I have been amazed all day that I have lived and visited Texas all my life but never been to a part of Texas that look completely different than what I am used to. I guess that is what I should expect though from a state that could easily swallow Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio.

11895951_10153200507319527_3993515279535072720_n (1)

Fuzzball is a seasoned traveler but was a bit excited for his first road trip!

Today I saw my first wind turbines and oil fields. Sorta ironic really to have those as my two firsts today in West Texas. The drive was surprisingly easy and relaxed. We had our Spotify playlist playing, plenty of snacks for the road, and sugary drinks to keep us nice and chipper. While the roadside landscape was always nice to look at, we found most of our amusement in the signs we saw in the towns we passed. The town we are staying in for the evening, Tucumcari, NM, has really cool murals on the building walls going down Route 66. There are everything from Wild West to 1950s and 1960s retro murals. Izzy and I walked and drove around after dinner to take some photos and to stretch our legs for a bit.



The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.


  Me and my new boyfriend     (Just kidding, Zane)

One of my favorite parts about traveling it getting to share the experience with others. For one, I have never actually road tripped before this trip. I feel like traveling with the mindset that you are on a road trip makes you think more about the journey rather than the destination. What is the point of being in a car all day long if you aren’t enjoying the ride? The same can definitely apply to our lives. What is the point of working so hard if we aren’t enjoying what we do? We may as well either change our perspective or our situation to make the journey a bit more fun. As well, I have been talking to friends about my trip online through Facebook. I have had several people tell me how they would love to just go out on a road trip one day. I understand that it isn’t in everyone’s schedule to be able to go on a spontaneous, or even planned, road trip, but I really encourage people to do so! Even if all you have are a couple days, pack a bag, get some snacks, and hit the road! Even if you only get four or five hours down the road, enjoy the journey and being with people who can enjoy it with you.


Made a stop at Betty’s house.

Anyways, I know we will be sleeping good tonight after our drive and walk through town. There is much more to see tomorrow as we drive through New Mexico!


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