Summer Studying..

It has been over a month since I last posted! Wow! Well, how about we catch up.

May 3, 2015 marked a very momentous day for me; I graduated from Berea College! I graduated Summa Cum Laude (GPA of 3.9 or higher) with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies, with my concentration in Nutrition and Food Studies. I also earned a minor in Health Studies. I feel so blessed to have been able to walk across that stage, with my family and friends from all over the world watching and cheering for me. There is absolutely no way I could have graduated from Berea without the support of my friends, family, wonderful professors, and great labor supervisors. I attribute my success to them more than my own strengths and work.

Photo credit: 2015 O'Neil Arnold
Photo credit: 2015 O’Neil Arnold

The very next day I was to be moved out of the dorm and thus I had a whirlwind of packing and saying goodbye to friends that evening. Since leaving Berea I have had a bit more space to breath and to kick my feet up and relax some. I spent a week with Zane (my boyfriend) and his family before he starting working for the summer to save up for his semester-long trip to Ollerup, Denmark. Then I spent a couple weeks at my mom’s house, enjoying some much needed time in silence during the day (reading, exercising, walking, watching mindless TV) and spending time with my siblings in the evenings (more mindless TV, walking, video games).

After that, I began the 12 hour drive to Texas! I will be here for the summer, taking Chemistry and Microbiology classes in order to get ready for graduate school in the Fall of 2016. I have many chemistry courses between me and my dream to start studying dietetics. The road to dietetics seems so long sometimes… Maybe I have just chosen the longer path. Either way, it is one I do not regret but do find myself have to persevere through sometimes to make myself study and desire to sit reading a book instead of up moving around.

As I shared before, after this summer I have the pleasure of moving up to Washington state in Vancouver to be a part of the Clark County Food Bank team as a Nutrition Educator! Currently, I am looking into many logistical questions; primarily 1) How the heck will my car/a newer car get me all the way there without any issues? and 2) Where in the world am I going to live? I know that with faith in God and lotsss of patience, these questions will get answered, but it will take some time…

In the meantime I have set some goals for the summer: 1) find balance; I want to find some balance between studying, spending time with family, and enjoying the wonderful things that summer offers, 2) survive Microbiology, and 3) run more so that Ashley (my sister) and I can run a 5k by August 1st. We plan to run the Melon Dash in McKinney, TX. I know I can do it, but it will take me getting back into shape a bit this summer! Just the motivation I need though, to get moving more and keep eating healthy!

2013MelonDashlogo_0Well, that just about catches us up over the month. Mostly I have tried to exercise more, read more, and have even been studying some medical terminology this week as I can’t let myself have more than a full month break from school it seems.

You can graduate the girl from school, but you can’t take desire to learn out of her!

I will definitely be posting more this summer about my courses and will be researching more into graduate schools and start to apply. I also need to take the GRE…hmm, I guess that will be scheduled in there somewhere!

Stay cool.



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