The Guide for Aspiring Registered Dietitians

Friends, I have been quite busy the past 24 hours finishing up this guide! There was something missing info I had to fill in, all my citations to write out, and the (of course) editing and revising.

However I am SO excited to share the final product with you all! This guide is meant for current, future, or even past students of dietetics. All of my information in the guide is cited from reputable sources, and I welcome you to use this resource in ANY way you would like.

As I have said in the resource, I am by NO means an expert. If you see any information that is incorrect, needs updating, etc., please let me know and I will gladly provide an updated version, which will always be available on this blog post and any others that mention this guide.

I hope this guide makes understanding the process to becoming an RD a bit more simple and provides a rich bedrock for laying your own foundation into the field of dietetics.

You can contact me at


Guide for Aspiring Registered Dietitians – Download Here!



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