Next stop: Vancouver, Washington

Hey all! So didn’t I say in my last post that I would let you know the moment that I found out I had a job? Well, sorry for the delay (only by a few days), but I am happy to announce that I will be working at the Clark County Food Bank in Vancouver, WA as a Nutrition Educator! This is a position through the AmeriCorps program and I could not feel more blessed to have been offered it!

CCFB logo

I have been interviewing for several weeks now (as I talked about in my last post), and although I was offered the job in Asheville, NC with Children First (also an AmeriCorps position), I was waiting to hear back from Washington. I was actually listening to a presentation in my senior capstone class when I happened to check my email and find out. It took everything in me to not audibly express my happiness and excitement!

I have had some really awesome conversations with the Executive Director, Alan Hamilton; the supervisor of the Nutrition Educators, Kristen Herron; and the two current AmeriCorps Nutrition Educators, Chantel and Madaline. Each of them have given me the truth about the position – both the good and the bad. In addition, I have been stealing glances at pictures of the gorgeous scenery of Washington state, which is too much to pass up. Finally, I have been filled with the excitement of adventure; of going to a place I have never been before and seeing what I can explore. It is with all of this, and a lot of prayer and desire for God to direct my path, that I happily accepted the offer to work at the Clark County Food Bank.

So, today makes 6 days until I graduate from Berea, College. This is definitely a bittersweet moment. My summer plans and job in Washington mean that I will most likely not see many of my friends, and even some family, for the next year. Although I am beyond excited for this position, I do hope that I don’t feel like I have made a mistake when much of my family and friend’s lives are still happening and so far away. I know I may get homesick, but honestly, I am not that big of a “homebody”. I barely go home as it is (only 1 & 1/2 hours away) and my friends have extremely busy schedules as it is, with many of them still at school. I have faith that I will be brought to them again and that we will stay in touch no matter where we are. I have made too good of friends these past four years for them to not stay that way.

Between this Sunday and the next I have a whole sheet of paper of things to do; some of it class assignments, yet most of it work, friends, or miscellaneously related. I look forward to seeing my family next Sunday and being with my friends throughout this week. Although I have been “counting down” for some time now, I am ready to enjoy the time I have left at Berea College and to make sure I see my friends as much as possible.

One of my class assignments is the RD guide that I have been working on for several weeks now. The next time I write on here, I will be sure to have the complete guide finished and ready to share! I look forward to providing this resource to future dietitians, like myself.


portlandA picture of Portland, Oregon with Mount Hood in the background. Portland is very close to Vancouver, WA.

columbia river gorge

Multnomah Falls at the Columbia River gorge.


One thought on “Next stop: Vancouver, Washington

  1. […] As I shared before, after this summer I have the pleasure of moving up to Washington state in Vancouver to be a part of the Clark County Food Bank team as a Nutrition Educator! Currently, I am looking into many logistical questions; primarily 1) How the heck will my car/a newer car get me all the way there without any issues? and 2) Where in the world am I going to live? I know that with faith in God and lotsss of patience, these questions will get answered, but it will take some time… […]


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